23 Sep 2016

Dev servers are incredibly useful. They can be used to develop project features before they are available to public. They can also be used to fork existing projects for testing or collaborating.

An online or local dev server can take some time to setup. You need to pick a server, install all the relevant packages and configure it. If you want to host multiple projects on the same server it takes even more configuring.

The latest ShiftEdit makes this easier.

There is a new Servers option from the site menu.

From here you can create a dev server currently using either Amazon Web Services or Linode (see instructions).

Once the server is created you will then be able to add a new site from the site menu as you normally do.

There is a new Server tab. From here you can pick the server and an optional git url (connects to your github and bitbucket accounts).

The site name is used to create a unique url e.g. projectname.username.shiftedit.io

You can host multiple projects on the same server and each project has full SSH access.

These additions along with the new Git client, make developing Github projects a snap.