20 Jun 2011

Code folding 

Code folding is now supported for Ace users.
To create a fold, select some code and press Ctrl+Shift+C 
You can expand the fold by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E or just by double clicking it.

Edit in new tab

You can now edit files in new browser tabs instead of ShiftEdit tabs. This will give you a little more screen real estate and is great if you prefer to manage tabs using your browser. You can also bookmark the resulting tabs and come back to them later without having to load the full-blown IDE.

To open a file in a new tab from the ftp explorer.
Right click -> Open -> Edit in new tab

There is also an option in preferences to default to this behaviour when opening files.
Edit -> Preferences -> Open files in new browser tab 

CSS Lint

CSS Lint has been integrated and provides much more comprehensive CSS checking and is fully configurable from preferences.
Edit -> Preferences -> CSS Lint 

Other changes

  • Lots of new options in the edit menu including Add semicolon ctrl+;
  • Animated title during FTP transfer 
  • New Help menu with feedback form
  • Home tab is now closable. 
  • Several fixes