10 Feb 2011


Users of ShiftEdit will be familiar with the Bespin component which is used for editing. The Bespin project has now been merged into Ace.

Ace is somewhat different to Bespin but we've started to integrate it - and it can now be selected from the list of available editors in Preferences.

There are still a few bits we need to do - but support is pretty good. Ace is the future and will eventually become the default editor.


We've received feedback that the adverts are somewhat intrusive. What with ad-blockers and unrelated ads - they've never been a great source of revenue so they've now been removed completely.

In order for the project to remain viable we do need to generate some revenue. So we've added a 3 site limit to free accounts. If you are currently using more than 3 you will only be able to access 3 of them. Premier edition is unlimited. And is now even cheaper at just $5/ month or $50/ year.