08 Feb 2019

There comes a point where you outgrow shared hosting offerings either because of cost, performance or some other concern. The natural progression is to move your sites onto a VPS server from the likes of Linode. Setting up and managing servers takes time and expertise. There is control panel software you can use like Plesk and CPanel but they are expensive, propietary and consume server resources. The solution to these problems is ServerWand..

ServerWand can connect directly to your VPS server and install webserver software. You can then use the dashboard to:

  • Create hosting accounts for your domains
  • Add domain aliases
  • Create MySQL databases
  • Install free SSL via LetsEncrypt
  • Install wordpress in one click
  • Add system users
  • Manage cronjob scheduled tasks
  • Browse server logs

ServerWand also employs several security measures to make your server more secure.

Much like ShiftEdit, this service is borne out of a desire to make my life easier and I'm sure it will benefit others. It's free to try for 30 days and there is special early bird pricing available while the service is in beta.

Check it out at ServerWand.com


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