27 Sep 2012

New releases keep coming thick and fast. These are the highlights:

Zen Coding support

A collection of keyboard shortcuts that allow for fast coding.

You can see a list of shortcuts in Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts. And view zen coding examples.

Multiple select in file tree

Select multiple files by holding Ctrl or Shift. This makes things like opening or copying a bunch of files a lot easier to perform. 

Drag file from file tree into editor

Dragging a file into the code editor will either embed or link to the file as appropriate. 

Improved GDrive support

Launch ShiftEdit from within GDrive. If you already use GDrive you will need to remove ShiftEdit from GDrive and add it back in to permit these new privileges. 

Notes panel 

Write a todo list, or paste in anything you need to remember here.

Local PHP lint checking 

PHP lint checking is now performed locally so it is faster and available offline. 

Open related file from editor 

Jump to files referenced in a href attribute. 

New tab page 

Replaced new file window with a new tab page. Includes list of recent files as well relevant ads.

Plus many more, view the changelog for details.