09 Aug 2010

The last few weeks have seen a lot of improvements to ShiftEdit.

Bespin 0.9a1 came out which was a major milestone as it now supports most of the core features that we need it to. As well as basic editing it can now be used with Find and Replace.

Find and Replace is a very important tool for any developer and has been made more intuitive. When performing a search you just have to press enter instead of clicking the Find button. It will also tell you if you've reached the end of the document.

We had a request for SFTP a while back. I'm pleased to say this is now in. In order to integrate this we had to abstract the FTP code. This should pave the way for adding new connection methods like SVN.

There is a new preferences dialog where you can set the tab size and font size. Expect more options to come.

Aside from these major updates there have been a lot of bug fixes - some of which were quite critical. If you haven't used ShiftEdit in a while, now's the time to get back in as it is a much more stable beta.

We are currently seeking testers and feedback. Also if you like ShiftEdit, please help spread the word - whether it's on a blog or social network.

A full changelog is available.