16 Nov 2015

The new jQuery UI build is ready for testing.

You can try the build by switching to the unstable channel from your account.

Warning: This is a complete re-write from the ground up so expect bugs and make sure you have file back-ups before using.

It's mostly a re-implementation of the stable build where everything has been refined and re-implemented.

There are a few notable new features.

  • A file compare tab where you can compare the differences between two open tabs (available from "new tab").
  • Colour-coded tab icons to help identify which files belong to the same site.
  • Changes to preferences now take immediate effect.
  • File tabs shrink to fit the tab bar
  • Lots of new themes to choose from. You can use the jQuery UI theme roller to create a new theme, then submit a PR to github and if it's good it will be included.


Please report any issues that you find.