12 Sep 2012

There have been several key updates lately, including:

Google Drive Support

When adding a site there is a new GDrive server type.
You can add and edit files directly to your Google Drive. 

Live editing

We've added a run panel on the right hand side. You can use this to preview your code and update in realtime.  If you run a file without saving it will update as you edit. If you save first then it will attempt to run the page from your website and update on each subsequent save.

PHP code assist

Autocomplete for PHP functions as well as function arguments. Press Ctrl+space to trigger autocomplete. Arguments will appear as you type.

Remote File search

Search files from your entire remote or local site. Accessible from the find panel.

Upload folder

Upload a whole folder at a time via the file tree.

Reveal in file tree

Locate the file you are editing from the tab context menu.

Plus many more, view the changelog for details.