23 Aug 2014

ShiftEdit uses a proxy for FTP connections. This introduces lag depending on how close your server is to the proxy.

For example, when I connect to a server in the UK, this is what happens:

  1. Browser (UK) sends AJAX request to Proxy (USA)
  2. Proxy (USA) sends request via FTP to Server (UK)
  3. Server (UK) sends file to Proxy (USA)
  4. Proxy (USA) sends file to Browser (UK)

As you can see the connection has crossed the atlantic 4 times! This adds over a second of lag to every file operation.

To avoid this lag there is a new Turbo mode option for FTP servers.

When enabled, ShiftEdit will upload a PHP proxy to your server.

Subsequent connections will then go direct to the Web server which in turn performs the FTP operations.

This removes the need for our proxy and eliminates all unneccessary trips across the Atlantic.

Turbo Mode can also help work around connection issues when our proxy can't connect to your server.

In such cases you will probably need to upload the shiftedit-proxy.php file manually to your server.


Note: In order for Turbo Mode to work you must set the server type to FTP, provide a web url and enable Turbo mode (your server must support PHP).