Free tier update

04 Nov 2016

Back in 2014 we announced that we were moving away from a freemium business model.

Since then ShiftEdit has prompted users to let them know that their trial had expired whilst still permitting access.

Now almost 2 years later, free tier users will be prompted to purchase a subscription before they can continue using the service.

It's inevitable that some users will move on, but for those that stick around we will be able to deliver a superior service.

In the last 12 months we've completely re-written the front end, created a git client and made it a snap to deploy servers.

I'm proud of what we've achieved so far and am excited about what else we can do.

DigitalOcean Integration

02 Nov 2016

Following on from the recent Dev Servers announcement, we've added support for deploying DigitalOcean droplets.

It works much the same way with the benefit that you can take advantage of DigitalOcean's pricing starting from just $5 a month for a droplet. Each droplet can be used to host multiple projects managed using ShiftEdit. Here's a reminder of how to get started:

Click on the Site menu and then Servers

Add a new server with DigitalOcean, you will be prompted to allow write access from ShiftEdit.

Create a new site and select the "Server" tab under "Server type". Alternatively click a repository from those listed on the new tab page.

Save the site and you're done. Your site will be created with it's own unique url.