File Tree

The file panel can be used to open and manage files.

Opening files

Click or press enter on a file to open it.

Files of an unknown file type will open in a new window. You can force-edit them:

Right click file -> Open

Creating files

You can create new files and folders in the file tree.

Right click file tree -> New

Multiple selection

You can select multiple files in the filetree by holding down the ctrl or shift key when selecting. You can then open them all by pressing enter.

Uploading files

Files and folders can be uploaded from your computer

Right click file tree -> Upload file


Right click file tree -> Upload folder

You can upload from a url:

Right click file tree -> Upload by URL..

And you can drag files into the file tree directly from your desktop.

Extracting zips

The most efficient way to upload files and preserve a folder structure is using zip files.

You can extract zip files in the folder tree.

Right click file tree -> Extract

You can extract any of the following file types: zip, bz2, tar, gz, ar

Managing files

You can move files by dragging them into different folders.

Rename by single clicking a selected file or by pressing F2.

You can copy files to different folders - even in different paste. Select the file you want to copy and then.

Right click file -> Edit -> Copy

Then select the destination:

Right click folder -> Edit -> Paste


Set file permissions for ftp and sftp.

Right click file -> Set Permissions...

Drag into editor

You can drag files from the file tree and drop them into an editor window.

This will insert the relevant code to reference the file e.g an img tag for an image etc.

Edit file in new tab

You can edit a file in it's own, dedicated browser tab.

Right click file -> Open -> Edit in New Browser Tab

Resizing columns

You can click the file column to change the file sorting.

The columns are also resizable, or you can double click the resizer to auto-fit.

Search filter

Typing when the file tree is focused will trigger a file filter. Press up and down to navigate and escape to clear.