We use the Ace editor for editing with number of add-ons.


Key bindings

You can switch to Vim or Emacs bindings.

Edit ->Preferences -> Editor -> Key binding

Multiple cursors

You can add additional cursors with:



Hold Alt + Click and drag

Code folding

Collapse code by highlighting a selection and pressing:


Double click to expand it again.

Collapsed selections can be drag and dropped like regular selections.

Syntax checking

Syntax errors will appear at the top of the editor as you type.

We support syntax checking for HTML, JS, CSS and PHP.



Code can be formatted with correct spacing and indentations using

Edit -> Beautify (alt+shift+f)


Emmet provides lots of handy shortcuts for fast coding. You can enable emmet fomr:

Gear icon -> Preferences -> Editor -> Emmet

Split view

You can view different sections of the same file simultaneously from the split view option on the standard toolbar.


You can access a wysiwyg mode based on Tinymce from the standard toolbar.

You can use this for editing HTML and PHP files.


Toggle fullscreen coding using the fullscreen button in the top right of the editor.