File Tabs

Files are opened in individual tabs.

New tab

Create a new file tab by clicking the + icon on the tab bar. From there you can choose a file type or pick from the recent files list.

Quick open

Bring up the file open window by pressing


This will bring up a list of recent files and files from the current active site.

You can type to filter through this list and find the relevant file.

Dragging tabs

Tabs can be re-ordered by dragging them.

Tabs can even be dragged from one panel to another e.g. from the file panel to the preview panel.

This allows you to have one file alongside another file or a vertical SSH panel.

Dropping files

You can drag local files from your desktop onto the file tab bar to open them.

Managing tabs

Right clicking the tab will give you options to "Close All Tabs" and "Close Other Tabs".

Restoring tabs

Tabs can be set to re-open on start-up.

Gear Icon -> Preferences -> Files -> Restore tabs on startup

You can bookmark a group of files for faster opening.

Right click tab -> Bookmark all files..

Reveal in file tree

You can locate the currently opened file in the file tree.

Right click tab -> Reveal in file tree

Misc features

Some other useful and self-explanatory preferences include:

Edit -> Preferences -> Files -> Strip whitespace on save

Edit -> Preferences -> Files -> Save with minified

Edit -> Preferences -> Files -> Compile LESS files on save