ShiftEdit Overview

ShiftEdit is a web-based IDE. It includes syntax highlighting, tabs and built-in (S)FTP support.

Edit all of your sites

You can manage multiple sites within ShiftEdit. All your sites are stored and will be there for you next time you log in.

Code editor

You have a choice between Ace and CodeMirror. Both support:

  • Syntax highlighing for HTML/ CSS/ JS and PHP
  • Block tabbing
  • Undo/ Redo
  • Line Numbers
  • Jump to line


Find and replace works across current or all open files. You can do text searches or regular expression searches.

(S)FTP support

There is a built-in FTP explorer which support FTP and SFTP.
You can create/ rename/ delete files and folders. You can also set file permissions.

Revision History

File revisions are stored whenever you save a file. You can then look back through past revisions and view a diff comparison.
You can then restore to an earlier version. Very useful if you or a colleague breaks something!

Share Sites

You can share sites with a colleague who can then access them next time they log in. You will then be able to see what changes they have made via revision history.

WYSIWYG/ Design mode

You can switch between code and design mode at any time.

Drag and drop from desktop

In firefox browser you can drag files from your desktop onto ShiftEdit and they will automatically be opened for editing.

Save password option

When creating new sites the FTP password is optional. If left blank. when you connect you'll be prompted to enter your password. The password is stored in your session so you will only need to enter it once and it's cleared when you logout. Using this option prevents the password from being stored in our database.

Code snippets

Code snippets are chunks of code that you use every now and then. You can add as many snippets as you like and organise them into folders. They are then readily accessible whenever you need them.

Realtime syntax debugging

When working on a PHP or JavaScript file the script is checked for syntax errors as you type. If an error is found the error message is displayed above the code editor. You can also click the line number in the error message to be taken straight to the broken line. This is an excellent tool for debugging and is a great time-saver during development.

Bracket closing

In PHP and JS files brackets are now automatically closed as you type. This is a useful time-saver and works for normal, square and curly brackets.

Tag closing

When you close an opening HTML tag the closing tag is automatically appended. This is another time-saver.

Source Formatting

From the edit menu you can now select "Apply Source Formatting". This will go through the opened file and add line-breaks and tabs where necessary. This is useful if you are working on a file that has been minified or is in an untidy state.

Balance Braces

You can select all code between brackets by pressing ctrl+' or selecting "Balance Braces" from the edit menu. If you press it again it will find the next outter set of braces. This works for regular, square and curly brackets. This is useful for finding a closing bracket - or checking if brackets match up.

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